Friday, January 11

Dysfunction can’t stop Him!

Scripture: Genesis 27-28, Psalm 4, Luke 11


God’s chosen family—what a dysfunctional mess!  Isaac and Rebekah each have a favorite son.  Rebekah schemes to deceive her husband so that her favored son gets the paternal blessing.  Jacob agrees to her plan and lies to his father’s face repeatedly.  Isaac is duped.  Esau is heartbroken and then wants to kill his brother.  Rebekah and Jacob scheme a new deceit to get him out of harm’s way.  Esau takes another wife in a desperate attempt to earn his father’s approval and blessing.  And of course, earlier Esau showed a callous disregard for his birthright and his parents’ wishes regarding his marriages.  

Yet God achieves His purposes in the midst of the mess.


This is not an argument to sin, or be dysfunctional.  But it is a reminder that God works with broken people (the only kind there are) and manages to achieve His purpose in spite of them.  Did God will any of this mess?  I don’t think so.  He did make a sovereign choice of Jacob, and that choice withstood the tests of their dysfunction—including Jacob’s blatant deception of his father.  It gives me hope!  God’s purpose will stand, despite my weakness, sin or dysfunction.  This does not excuse any of those, or mean that I shouldn’t change—it simply means that God is not stopped by my (or your) failures.  

Prayer: Thank you Lord that You will achieve Your purposes in spite of me.  I would rather You achieve them because of me!  So help me live as You desire.  May Your will be done in me.