Saturday, January 11

Gladly given

Scripture: Genesis 29-30, Luke 12

Luke 12:24 Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has chosen gladly to give you the kingdom. 


After telling His disciples to seek first the kingdom, Jesus assures them that the search won’t be in vain, for it is the Father’s pleasure or delight (GK: eudokeo) to give you the kingdom.  He has chosen gladly.  The Father is delighted to give us the kingdom.  He wants us to live in His kingdom, under His reign, where His will is done, and we flourish as He intended.  This gift is gladly given!  Not reluctantly or begrudgingly or with a “you better earn this!”


Here is another example of the joy of God, and His delight in us!  He wants the best for us—that’s what His kingdom is.  His kingdom is where His will is done and where we flourish.  And He delights in giving that to us.  He enjoys it when are living in His will and His way.  He wants the best for us.

So many people have such a negative view of God—that He is against us, not for us (see Romans 8;31); that He is perpetually unhappy with us; that He wants to punish us not bless us.  But He made us for Himself, and delights to give us Himself and His kingdom—and all the well-being that includes.  It is all gladly given.

And it is no accident that Jesus refers to God as Father when He says this.  It is the Father’s pleasure, delight and joy to give what is good to His children.  (See Matthew 7:7-11)  I know how much I enjoy giving what is good to my children, giving them what they need to flourish.  I love it!  Why would our heavenly Father be any less joyful than me?  Indeed, Jesus says, “How much more your heavenly Father will give what is good to those who ask him.”  

Enjoy His kingdom—it is gladly given!

Prayer: Lord, it warms my heart to think of You smiling with delight as You offer Yourself and Your kingdom to us.  Thank you for delighting in us!