Saturday, October 19

God took the initiative!

Scripture: Job 5, Psalm 108, Acts 10-11


I love the story in Acts 10-11 of God opening the gospel to the Gentiles.  God speaks to Cornelius in a vision and tells him to send for Simon Peter.  God speaks to Peter in a vision and tells him to go to Cornelius, and that he is no longer to consider anyone unclean or unholy—unacceptable to God.  When Peter gets there and begins to preach, God pours out the Holy Spirit on Cornelius and his household!

This was a huge turning point in the Christian movement.  Until now, the Christians were all Jewish and the faith was a Jewish splinter group.  Now, the gospel is for everyone!  The center of Christianity moves from Jerusalem (Jewish) to Antioch (Gentile) where believers were first called Christian.  And this huge change happened because God took the initiative!  God acted!  Peter and Cornelius were willing participants, but God took the initiative (knowing that Peter never would on his own)!


I’m praying for more of this to happen!  More of God taking the initiative!

This kind of story—and Acts 10 story—is still happening!  At conference this week, Russ Schlecht told two stories of Muslims who had visions from God and were instructed to come to him.  The most recent was this past week!  A Muslim showed up at his church and said God gave him a vision of the church and told him to come talk to “my servant Russell.”  Russ led him to Christ, he received the Holy Spirit and was baptized!  This man had several visions, all clearly pointing him to Jesus.  God took the initiative!

Prayer: Lord, please do more of that!  Give more visions to people who need you.  Take the initiative to help more people find and follow Jesus!  I’m willing to obey and do whatever You lead—but please lead!