Tuesday, December 31

Jesus wins!

Scripture: Revelation 19-22


The book of Revelation ends with two climactic battle scenes 1000 years apart.  In each of them, the devil leads a coalition of kings and armies in a battle against Jesus, and in both, Jesus wins.  In fact, Jesus wins handily—by simply speaking a word, or raining fire from heaven.  It’s no contest.  

John was writing to an audience that was facing opposition, persecution and death for their faith.  He reminds them—and us—that Jesus wins in the end.  So hang on!


This is a great word to end the year.  Whatever hardship we may have faced this year, whatever uncertainty lies before us, we need to remember that Jesus wins in the end.  Jesus wins over Satan, evil, sin, hell, death, sickness and sorrow.  No more death, mourning, crying or pain.  All of that is temporary.  Jesus is forever.  And Jesus wins!

Prayer: Lord, thank you for that reminder and assurance.  We see our past and our future in light of this truth: Jesus wins!