Saturday, February 23

Number your days

Scripture: Numbers 12-13, Psalm 90, Mark 2

Psalm 90:12 So teach us to number our days, that we may present to You a heart of wisdom.


This psalm is about God’s eternal nature and the transitory nature of human beings.  God is forever; we are short term!  Our lives are short, like the flower that sprouts in the morning and fades in the afternoon heat.  For God, 1000 years is like a day (something Peter quotes in 2 Peter 3:8).  But our days are short and numbered; soon they are gone and we fly away.  “So teach us to number our days.”  Earlier, the psalmist says that our lives contain 70 years, or if due to strength, 80 years (90:10).  Life is short!


I decided to “number my days”, and checked the current life expectancy for American men: 78.6 years.  That’s 11 more years for me!  I also did a personalized search that takes into account my health, excercise level, etc, and it was 94 years—but that was at a site that sells annuities!  Of course, all of this is simply predictive analytics—ultimately it is in God’s hands.  Only God knows the number of my days!  

All this reminded me that life is short and that, “soon it’s gone.”  Understanding this should give us “a heart of wisdom” to use our days wisely and well.  We only have one shot at this—make it a good one!  Today, I want to live well for the Lord!

I had an excellent prayer time this morning—an act of obedience from yesterday’s word.

Prayer: Lord, teach me to number my days, that I might present to You a heart of wisdom.  Help me to use my time wisely!