Monday, October 14

Peter’s day didn’t go as planned

Scripture: Nehemiah 11-12, Psalm 1, Acts 3


I wonder how many times Peter had walked by this lame man on the way to the temple to pray.  He probably walked by him every day, so perhaps dozens or hundreds of times.  But this day was different. Why did Peter stop on this day and heal the man?  The text doesn’t say, but I wonder if the Spirit led Peter to stop.  If so, Peter’s response to the Spirit’s leading had a huge impact, not only on this man who was healed, but on thousands of people who observed and who believed and were saved.

When Peter saw a crowd gathering, he preached Jesus to them.  He took advantage of the opportunity to share the gospel boldly, and the result (Acts 4:4) was that many who heard the message believed, and the number of men increased to 5000.  (I don’t know if that means 5000 men were saved that day, or the total grew to 5000 men since the day of Pentecost in chapter 2).  Peter was opportunistic with great effect.

Peter’s day didn’t go as planned.  He was planning to go pray; instead the Spirit led him to a miracle and he seized the opportunity to preach.


Two things from the example of Peter:

First, listen to the Spirit’s leading and obey.  Even when it seems like a small thing, it may have huge results.  Listen and obey.

Second, watch for opportunities to share Jesus and take advantage of them.  Peter was going to the temple to pray, not preach.  But the miracle drew a crowd and he took advantage and thousands were saved.  Be opportunistic!

Prayer: Lord, help me to listen for the Spirit’s leading today, and be ready to seize the opportunities You give me!