Tuesday, November 12

Stop and wonder

Scripture: Job 37-38, 1 Corinthians 12

Job 37:14 Stand and consider the wonders of God.


Elihu, Job’s young friend and “counselor” advises him to “consider the wonders of God.”  Then he names a few natural wonders and describes the greatness of God.  

Finally, God shows up and answers Job—and the answer is a series of questions essentially about the wonders of God.


I’ve been thinking and reading lately about wonder.  Children have a great sense of wonder, and adults retain flashes of it, but as we age, we often lose much of our wonder.  Elihu’s advice is applicable to me: I would benefit if I would “stand and consider the wonders of God.”

I have “wow moments” with creation: a beautiful sunset, a cloudless day, a walk on the beach, the moose in my field, watching a hawk soar.  Maybe if I changed the word “stand” to “stop” I’d see more.  Stop and consider.  Slow down.  Look.  Enjoy.  Wonder.  How much we miss in our hurry.

And there is more to wonder at than creation!  The work of God in our lives and the character of God Himself.  He is a wonder!  Stop and consider the work of God, what He has done and is doing; stop and consider who He is…and wonder.  

Today, I’m going to stop and consider the wonders of God.  Have more “wow moments.” 

Prayer: Lord, help me to slow down, to stop, to observe, to wonder…and to worship.