Saturday, October 12


Scripture: Nehemiah 7-8, Acts 1

Acts 1:4 Gathering them together, He commanded them not to leave Jerusalem, but to wait for what the Father had promised. 


Jesus told the disciples to wait in Jerusalem for the Holy Spirit.  They did.  So what did waiting look like?  Two things.

First, they prayed.  They “continually devoted themselves to prayer.”  Acts 1:14

Second, they prepared.  Peter led them in a prayerful process of choosing a successor to Judas.  This was something they could do while waiting: do what they could to get ready for the next phase of the work.  (BTW—I think it is interesting that there were people who were with them—Jesus and the 12—the whole three years of Jesus’ ministry.  We know that Joseph and Matthias were two of those—there may have been others.  How many?  So even though Jesus chose the 12, they weren’t the only ones who were part of the apostolic band following Jesus for three years.)


The Bible talks in numerous places about waiting on the Lord.  But waiting doesn’t necessarily mean doing nothing.  For the disciples it meant praying and prepping for what what next.  

I’m occasionally stuck somewhere waiting—like yesterday at the auto service center.  I NEVER just sit there—I always bring work to do.  Whenever I’m waiting, even for a short time, I try to make the time productive.  I’m glad to see Peter and the team doing the same!  (It affirms my compulsive need to be productive!)

When God tells us to wait, we can devote ourselves to prayer, and we can thoughtfully do what we can to prepare for what’s next.  Then the rest is up to God.

Prayer: Lord, You know that I want to be a better pray-er.  And I always want to use my time well, even when I’m waiting on You!  Fill me with Your Spirit!