Monday, June 15

All about Jesus

Scripture: 1 Kings 17-19, Colossians 2

Colossians 2:1–3 I want you to know how much I have agonized for you and for the church at Laodicea, and for many other believers who have never met me personally. 2 I want them to be encouraged and knit together by strong ties of love. I want them to have complete confidence that they understand God’s mysterious plan, which is Christ himself. 3 In him lie hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.


It’s all about Jesus.  

In Colossians 2, Paul repeatedly focuses on Jesus.  In these first 3 verses, he tells us that God’s mysterious plan is Christ Himself.  Want to know what God is up to?  Look at Jesus.  Then he says that all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge lie hidden in Jesus.  Want more wisdom and knowledge?  Look to Jesus.  He goes on:

    • V. 6-7 Let your roots go down deep in Jesus and build your life on Jesus.  We are rooted and built on Him!
    • V. 8 Don’t be fooled by empty philosophies and high sounding nonsense that come from the world rather than Christ.  It’s all about Jesus.
    • V. 9 In Christ lives all the fullness of God in a human body.  
    • V. 10 You are complete in Christ. 
    • V. 11-15 In Christ your old sinful self died and was buried, and a brand new you has been raise to life. God made us alive in Christ and forgave us all our sins, nailing them to the cross.  And Christ not only forgave our sins, but defeated the powers that warred against us: Jesus disarmed the spiritual authorities and rulers, conquered sin, and defeated death.
    • V. 16-17 The old laws and rules are only a shadow; the reality is Christ!  Don’t get trapped in legalism; follow Jesus!
    • V. 18-19 Christ is the head of the body and holds us all together and causes us to grow.  
    • V. 20 You have died with Christ and He has set you free from the spiritual powers of this world.

Over and over, Paul points them (and us) back to Jesus and what He accomplished for us on the cross.  

It’s all about Jesus.


It’s so easy to focus on other things: the current cultural crisis, ourselves, religion, politics, etc.  But Paul calls us to make Jesus the center of our lives, our thinking, our everything.  Jesus is not an add-on to an already full life; Jesus is life itself.  Jesus isn’t one more religious leader in a world full of them; Jesus is God in the flesh.  Jesus isn’t one of many ways; Jesus is the Way.  Jesus isn’t a nice idea; Jesus is the Answer.  

I want to be more about Jesus.


Prayer: Lord, I’m easily distracted.  I lose sight of Jesus and how supremely important He is.  Help me to be all about Jesus.