Sunday, April 5

God’s partners

Scripture: Ruth 3-4, Psalm 64-65, 2 Corinthians 6

2 Corinthians 6:1 As God’s partners, we beg you not to accept this marvelous gift of God’s kindness and then ignore it.


“As God’s partners…”. 

Paul understood that he was partnering with God in His work.  He wasn’t working for God as an employee, hired hand or slave.  He was working with God as a partner.  

As God’s partner, he appealed to the Corinthians not to ignore the grace of God.  Evidently some of them were in danger of abandoning the gospel, something that remains a real possibility for believers in any age.  This appeal—to stand firm in their faith—is very common in Paul’s letters.


While Paul describes himself and his fellow apostles as “God’s partners,” it’s fair to apply the description to every Christian who joins God in His work—the work of making disciples, loving people, doing justice.  Doing gospel work in any form is working with God.  

God is always at work in every person, in every situation, in our world.  He is working to bring redemption to every person and to our broken world.  Always.  

I have the privilege of joining God in His work—asking with every person I meet and in every situation, “What is God doing?”  

Instead of thinking that it’s all on my shoulders, I realize that God is taking the initiative and my job is to join Him as a partner.  Rather than starting with “What should I do?”, I start with “What is God doing?”  For a terrific example of this, see the story below from Experiencing God, by Henry Blackaby.

I can’t think of a higher honor, a more noble calling that to be God’s partner!

Prayer: Lord, thanks for calling us to partner with You in Your great work of redeeming the world!


In Experiencing God, Ch. 2, pg. 26, Henry Blackaby tells a story about starting a college ministry.  

For over a year, at the direction of our denomination’s student ministry, we tried to start a Bible study in the dorm–it did not work.  One Sunday, I pulled the students together and said, “This week I want you to go to the campus and watch to see where God is working and join Him.” I gave them two scriptures, Romans 3:10-11 and John 6:44, that indicate that no one will seek God on his own initiative, that God must be at work in his life.  “So whenever you see someone seeking God or asking questions, you are seeing God at work.”  So the students went to see where God was working and join Him.

Three days later, a girl reported, “Oh, Pastor, a girl came to me after class today and said, ‘I think you might be a Christian.  I need to talk to you.’  We went to the cafeteria to talk.  She said, ‘Eleven of us girls have been studying the Bible, and none of us are Christians.  Do you know somebody who can lead us in a Bible study?'”  As a result of that contact, we started 3 studies in the women’s dorm and 2 in the men’s.  For 2 years we tried to do something for God and failed.  For 3 days they looked to see where God was working and joined Him, working with God.  What a difference it made!