Wednesday, December 16

I am Jesus’ slave


2 Peter 1:1 This letter is from Simon Peter, a slave and apostle of Jesus Christ. 


Peter opens this letter with the customary identification of the author, and describes himself as “a slave and apostle of Jesus Christ.”  He could have said “the friend of Jesus” but instead identified himself as the slave of Jesus.  

Peter’s experience with Jesus aroused such devotion that he would forever think of himself as the slave of Jesus.  “Jesus is Lord; I am His slave.”  Jesus must really be impressive to have this kind of influence, to make a strong man like Peter consider himself a slave!

The Greek word doulos was used of slaves, and is defined as: “one who is solely committed to another;” “one who gives himself up to another’s will;” “to be devoted to another to the disregard of one’s own interests;” “the state of being completely controlled by someone.”  


Jesus is Lord; I am His slave.  This is as true of me as it was of Peter.  However, I don’t always live it out well.  

To be Jesus’ slave means that I live for Him, not myself.  It means that I put His will above my own, every time.  It means that His interests trump mine, every time.  It means that my life—my time, energy, money, everything—is not my own; I belong to Him, lock stock and barrel.  It means Jesus first, rather than Joe first.  It means full surrender each day.  It means saying, “Yes Lord, to anything, anytime, anywhere.”  

I wish I lived like that all the time!  I have glimmers of that, but still live Joe first much of the time.  

Peter’s words remind me of the overwhelming greatness of Jesus that could inspire such full surrender, and move me to know Him better and serve Him more!

Prayer: Jesus, You are Lord.  I am Your slave.  Help me live that out today!