Saturday, October 24

My assignment

Scripture: Job 16, Acts 21-23

Acts 20:24  But my life is worth nothing to me unless I use it for finishing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus—the work of telling others the Good News about the wonderful grace of God.


This is from yesterday’s reading, but I was driving and unable to journal on this verse that jumped out at me.  So I’m coming back to it today.

Paul addressed the Ephesian elders and told them that he was going to Jerusalem where “jail and suffering lie ahead.”  In each city, the believers begged him not to go.  But he was “bound by the Spirit to go.”  And he had this profound inner motivation: to “finish the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus.”  His life was worth nothing unless he does that.  His life was devoted to doing the will of God, his specific assignment. 


One of my tasks this week is to prayerfully write my job description for next year.  (Of course, the document will be changeable—wet cement—because I’m imperfect and things change.)  But I want to hear from the Lord what His assignment is for me. I don’t want to just stay busy; I want to achieve what the Lord has in mind.  

This has been my life since I first met Jesus: to do His will and “finish the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus.”  I’m not done.  I am not retiring—I’m transitioning to a new assignment.  Even though my job is changing from lead pastor to a supporting role, I still believe that Jesus has specific assignments for me, and I want to finish those well.  

So this week is a time of prayer and listening and discernment to hear my assignment


Prayer: Lord, what’s my next assignment?  Show me and then strengthen me to do it well!  I’m listening.