Tuesday, December 15

Pray first

Scripture: 1 Peter 1-5

1 Peter 4:7 The end of the world is coming soon. Therefore, be earnest and disciplined in your prayers.


Peter and the other early Christians lived with a sense of expectancy that the Lord could return at any time.  We’re to live with that same expectancy and readiness.  In this passage, Peter gives four things we are to do in light of the Lord’s imminent return:

1. Pray. (v.7)

2. Love each other. (v. 8)

3. Be hospitable. (v. 9)

4. Use your gifts to serve others. (v. 10-11)

The first thing we’re to do is pray, and the NLT translates it “be earnest and disciplined in your prayers.”  Other translations say “be of sound mind,” “self-controlled,” “clear-headed” and “alert.”


What is the first thing you would do if you knew the Lord was coming back today?  I would pray!  The most important aspect of readiness is your own relationship with God.  If I knew I’d see Him later today, I’d start the conversation ASAP!  

Prayer is not only asking for what we want; it’s also communion with God, conversation with someone we love.  If I knew that Jesus was coming back today, I’d have some urgent requests!  And I’d want to be part of a current conversation with Him!

I was also struck by the words “earnest” and “disciplined.”  I would like those words to describe my prayers more often!

Today, I will set aside more time to pray earnestly!

Prayer: Lord, I’m asking once again for Your help: I want to be a better pray-er, more earnest and disciplined.