Thursday, January 14

Broken people

Scripture: Genesis 27-28, Luke 14


The raw emotion of the Jacob/Esau blessing-stealing in Genesis 27 hit me this morning.  Imagine being Esau.  Losing his birthright was his fault—Esau despised his birthright.  But losing the blessing was not his fault, but the result of his own kin—his mother and brother—conspiring to cheat him.  I cannot imagine the deep sense of betrayal, loss and pain that Esau felt—his brother was one thing, but his own mother betrayed him!  And you can hear his pain in his plaintive cry, “Bless me too, my father!”  Esau’s murderous anger afterwards is understandable, and is why Rebekah sent Jacob running far away to uncle Laban for safety.  20 years later, Esau’s rage subsided and he was reunited with his brother.  But he must have carried the mark of his mother’s and brother’s betrayal to the grave.  How do you get over that?  What a dysfunctional family!


One of the things I love about the Bible is its honest portrayal of its heroes—warts and all.  The patriarchs were a mess, and this story is one more example of their sin and dysfunction.  Yet God works with and through broken people.  After all, that’s all there is to work with—we’re all broken.  God sovereignly works through our weakness and failure as well as our strengths and successes to achieve His purposes.  This doesn’t excuse our failures, but highlights His grace!  

Today, I’m going to give my best—with the confidence that even when I fail, God is at work and will accomplish His purposes.  

Prayer: Lord, heal me and make me whole and more like Jesus.  I don’t want to be broken or dysfunctional.  And thank you that when I am, You are still at work achieving Your purposes!  Nothing can stop you…not eve me!