Thursday, January 7

The consequences of getting cozy with sin

Scripture: Genesis 13-14, Psalm 4, Luke 7


When their flocks grew too large to remain together, Abram demurred (as the elder, he would have had first choice)  and gave Lot the choice of land.  Lot chose the well-watered plains of the Jordan Valley near Sodom, whose people were “wicked and sinning greatly against the Lord.”  Lot’s choice to get cozy with sin would bring disaster.

Meanwhile, God renewed His covenant with Abram and promised that He would give Abram all the land he could see (which included the valley Lot had chosen).  

When war broke out, Lot and his family were taken captive by invading armies.  They were rescued by Abram, but went back to Sodom and settled in the city.  When God rained judgment on Sodom and Gomorrah, Lot had to be rescued again (Abram’s intercession with the angels saved Lot and his family).  But this time, Lot lost everything: his wife and sons-in-law perished, his daughters were reduced to incest, his flocks and herds were destroyed.  


Choices have consequences.  Lot chose to get cozy with sin, and it cost him everything.  Of course, it’s difficult to predict what our choices will produce, and not every choice carries the same weight.  (I’m in the process of changing cars, a choice that will have consequences, but probably not life-changing or dangerous). But choices to compromise with sin always have more impact than we anticipate.  

Years ago, I read an article on sexual temptation that said we tend to minimize the consequences and maximize the pleasure.  We should do just the opposite: maximize the consequences and minimize the pleasure.  A few moments of pleasure isn’t worth a lifetime of pain.  That’s a more realistic assessment of what happens when we cozy up to sin.  It cost Lot everything; don’t let it cost you the same!

Prayer: Lord, help me to make wise choices and to thoughtfully weigh the potential consequences—especially when it involves getting cozy with sin!