Speak The Truth

Scripture: Lamentations 1-2, 1 Peter 5

Lamentations 2:14 

14 The visions of your prophets 

were false and worthless; 

they did not expose your sin 

to ward off your captivity. 

The prophecies they gave you 

were false and misleading.


The author of Lamentations is lamenting the fall and destruction of Jerusalem and the Jewish captivity in Babylon.  In this verse, the author lays the blame (in part) at the feet of her prophets who spoke lies.  They promised peace when war was coming.  They refused to confront or expose the people’s sins.  They called no one to repentance.  Consequently, judgment fell on the nation.  

Could they have saved Israel had they spoken the truth?  Possibly…but not probably.  Jeremiah and others did speak the word of the Lord, but they were ignored and mistreated, and God’s judgment came anyway.  But their failure to speak the truth contributed to the decay and fall of the nation.


We desperately need prophets (spokespersons for God) who will courageously speak the hard truth.  

This is especially difficult right now when truth is in short supply, when we can’t even agree on basic facts.  Truth has become politicized; both right and left cherry-pick facts and report them in emotionalized verbiage, weaponizing “truth” to suit their ends.  Truth has become personalized; we speak of “my truth” as though the truth can be whatever I want or believe it to be, as though it had no objective grounding in reality outside me.  

Perhaps now more than ever we need leaders, pastors, prophets who will speak the truth that sets us free, that exposes and challenges our sin and falsehood, and calls us back to God.

Prayer: Lord, give Your leaders Your message and the courage to speak it clearly and boldly.  Help us to be listening to You, discerning Your message, the truth, and then declaring it without hesitation.  And give Your people ears to hear and hearts to respond.  Give us a heart of repentance and spare us from Your judgment. 

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