Sunday, March 14

Spiritual rhythms

Scripture: Numbers 27-28, Psalm 31, Matthew 14


The proscribed offerings in Numbers 28 were offered daily, weekly, monthly and annually.  Why?

My guess is that God knew that regular spiritual rhythms were essential for us.  We thrive when we are deliberate, regular and steady rather than haphazard.  Too many people approach their relationship with God in a haphazard manner. They go to church irregularly, when they feel like it or its convenient.  They spend time alone with God not at all, or haphazardly, or in crisis, but not regularly, rhythmically.  

Imagine treating other important parts of your life in the same way.  If you only exercise haphazardly, you’ll be out of shape.  If you only eat haphazardly, you won’t stay healthy.  If you work haphazardly, only when you felt like it, you won’t have a job for long.  Success at any endeavor or relationship requires regular organized, consistent, persistent effort.  This is true spiritually too.  If you want your relationship with God to thrive, you would be wise to create some spiritual rhythms: daily, weekly, monthly, annually.


Here are my spiritual rhythms (some are already reality—others are aspirational).

Daily PBJ—time spent with God each day in His Word and in prayer and journaling.  Listen, be attentive, grow.

Weekly sabbath—a day of rest with an added emphasis on worship and spiritual growth.  An extended PBJ—more time in prayer and reflection (this is like adding the Sabbath offering to the daily offering in our reading).  Evaluation and prayer for the week ahead.

Monthly extended sabbath day, with a two hour block of solitude and listening to the Lord and writing down what He says.  Also some extra spiritual reading for growth.  (EG: I want to read Rich Villodas’ book,  The Deeply Formed Life.  This would be a good time for that.)

Annual retreat—I get away several times a year, but most of them are work related.  I want at least one to be a week of rest, reflection and worship.  

I have done some form of this for years (with varying degrees of consistency), and it’s been powerful in fueling my spiritual growth.  It’s a considerable investment of time (although it’s not as much as it looks), but it’s worth it. 

Prayer: Lord, I want to know You, hear Your voice, and live out of my relationship with You.  Help me to create the spiritual rhythms that will fuel sustained spiritual growth and maturity.