Wednesday, December 28


Scripture: Zechariah 11-12, John 18

John 18:4 Then Jesus, knowing everything that was about to happen to him, went out and said to them, “Who is it that you’re seeking?”


I’m stunned by the love and courage of Jesus and His complete dedication to doing the Father’s will no matter what it costs Him. 

“Knowing everything that was about to happen to him”—all the horrors of the arrest, beating, scourging, and crucifixion—Jesus knew all that was coming. And rather than running, hiding, or avoiding, He deliberately moved forward, giving Himself up. Knowing they were looking for Him, He went out and said, “Who are you seeking?” Rather than avoiding the confrontation in the garden, Jesus stepped into it knowing it would be the catalyst to His own suffering and death.

Love is doing what is best for another no matter what it costs you. Here is love at its best. Knowing the cost, knowing the pain, Jesus moved forward to give His life for us. 


Two things:

First, this makes me love and appreciate Jesus even more. There was nothing accidental about His death. He wasn’t a martyr but a sacrifice. He gave His life for us. His courage and devotion and love inspire me.

Second, this makes me want to follow Him and love like He loved. I want to be willing to sacrifice for others, to courageously move forward even when I know what’s coming will be hard. I want to be as devoted to doing the Father’s will as Jesus was, willing to obey even when it’s painful. I want to be courageous and meet difficulty head on rather than avoiding it for my own comfort. I want to be more like Jesus.

Prayer: Lord, I love You! I can’t imagine doing what You did, knowing what was coming and stepping forward to make it happen. Help me live today with that love in mind and make me more like You.