Thursday, April 6

Ending the silence

Scripture: Luke 1

Luke 1:64 Immediately Zechariah’s mouth was opened and his tongue released, and he spoke, blessing God.


When the angel Gabriel told Zechariah what was going to happen regarding the birth of his son, Zechariah didn’t believe him. His unbelief was rewarded with 9 months of silence, unable to speak. Zechariah must have had a lot of time to think! When Zechariah and Elizabeth’s baby was born and they were to name him, Zechariah asked for a writing tablet and wrote, “His name is John,” in accordance with the words of Gabriel. He had believed at last, and his faith expressed itself in obedience. Suddenly, his muteness ended and he was able to speak. What did he say? He blessed God—the word eulogeo means “to speak well, good words.” He had 9 months to think about what to say, what his first words would be. They were praise to God. 


If you were struck dumb for 9 months and suddenly recovered your speech, what is the first thing you’d say?

While that hasn’t happened to me, I do wake up every morning after 8 hours of silence to greet the new day. What is the first thing I say? 

I just finished listening to John Eldredge’s book Resilient. In it, he mentions that he and has wife start and end the day with praise and prayer. I have created a playlist of songs called “Evening Worship.” They are all quieter, simpler songs of worship that allow you to settle into the Lord’s presence and quiet your heart—great for ending the day and heading to bed. 

This story made me think that I could start each day breaking my silence with praise to God. What a great way to start the day on the right path. What a great way to get my mouth moving the right direction! As James says in chapter 3, our mouths pour out blessing and cursing—this ought not to be. By starting the day with blessing, with praise, I could set the course for the day. 

Prayer: Lord, I love You! Help me start my day with praise to You, and let that set the course for the whole day. Let my mouth be a fountain of blessing to You and others. 

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