Tuesday, May 23

God’s initiative 

Scripture: Acts 10 


This story marks a major turning point in the story of the gospel and the church. For the first time and at God’s direction, Gentiles are included. The Christian faith is no longer exclusively Jewish. 

Notice God’s initiative. 

First, God speaks to Cornelius. Cornelius responds and obeys, but God took the initiative. 

Second, God speaks to Peter. Peter responds and obeys, but God took the initiative. 

Third, in the midst of Peter’s message, God pours out His Spirit on the Gentiles. God interrupts Peter and makes it clear that the Gentiles are fully accepted in His Kingdom, giving them the same gift He gave the Jewish believers. 

In the key moments of salvation history, God takes the initiative. None of this would have happened without God’s initiative. He doesn’t wait for us to figure it out; He comes to us and makes it happen. The whole Jesus story is God taking the initiative, taking the first step toward us to save us. 


I’m so grateful that God takes the initiative and moves toward us. I am a Christian because God did that with me 58 years ago! He came and found me when I wasn’t looking for Him. 

How we need God to move today! I am praying for revival, for a fresh move of God in our church, community, nation and world. 

On the flip side, notice that Peter and Cornelius were responsive to God’s initiative. I want to be the same. I not only pray for God to work, but I want to recognize it when He does and respond accordingly. 

Today, I’m looking for God’s work, God’s initiative all around me, and then responding to Him. 

Prayer: Lord, I love You. I’m so grateful that You don’t wait for us, but take the initiative to make things happen. Move in our church, community, nation and world. Move in my life and family and friends. And help me to recognize Your work and respond with full obedience and engagement.