Wednesday, October 11

Pass it on

Scripture: 2 Timothy 2

2 Timothy 2:2 And entrust what you heard me say in the presence of many others as witnesses to faithful people who will be competent to teach others as well.


This is a classic verse (and the key verse for the Navigators, who are all about making disciples). Paul lists four generations: Paul to Timothy to faithful people to others. It is a forward looking statement, concerned about passing the gospel on to people who can pass it on to people who can pass it on…forever. Make disciples who make disciples who make disciples…forever. The Christian faith is always one generation away from extinction. It is our responsibility to pass it on.


Pass it on. That was the title of a song we sang back in the 70’s about passing on God’s love from person to person. It’s also the message of 2 Timothy 2:2. This prompts me to do two things.

First, look for every opportunity to share the gospel, to pass on God’s love, to make disciples. 

Second, to get to work finishing the writing I’ve started which will hopefully be an effective tool to keep passing it on for years to come. 

Pass it on.

Prayer: Lord, I love You. Send people my way who need to know You, and others who do know You but I could somehow encourage and strengthen. Use me to pass it on.

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