Saturday, March 11

We detest this worthless food!

Scripture: Numbers 21-22, Matthew 11

Numbers 21:5 And the people spoke against God and against Moses, “Why have you brought us up out of Egypt to die in the wilderness, for there is no bread or water, and we detest this worthless food.”


It was true that there was no bread or water in the wilderness, but God had provided both. Every day, six days a week with a double portion on Friday, the manna fell. Free food every day! I love free food!

God had delivered them from slavery, allowed them to plunder Egypt as they left, and then met every need as they traveled toward the Promised Land. You’d think they would be overwhelmed with gratitude. Instead, they regularly grumbled. 

“We detest this worthless food.” 



Imagine a benefactor who provided everything I needed. I didn’t have to pay for food or drink or clothing—all my necessities were paid for. Then imagine grumbling about the food. Astonishing ingratitude!

God has been so good to me. So…what am I grumbling about? 

It is so easy to lose perspective, especially when we encounter difficulties or hardships like the Israelites did and we are bound to do as well. Life is hard. People are difficult. We can get overwhelmed and start to grumble.

Every temptation to grumble can be a catalyst to praise, a reminder to look for God’s blessing, for the manna that’s all around me. I am exceedingly blessed. To grumble is to detest the blessings of God. 

No grumbling today. Just thanksgiving!

Prayer: Lord, I love you and I’m so grateful for the life you’ve given me. Today, I want to overflow with gratitude!