Thursday, March 28


Scripture: Deuteronomy 21-22, Matthew 20

Matthew 20:24 And when the ten heard it, they were indignant at the two brothers.


Indignant! That’s how the other 10 disciples felt when they learned that James and John had asked Jesus for the top spots in His administration (“to sit at your right and your left in your kingdom”). No doubt they all wanted those spots and were upset that the brothers had beaten them to the punch!

Jesus corrected all of them by teaching that in His kingdom, they wouldn’t be lording it over others or exercising authority over them, but the greatest would be the servant of all. 

The disciples were indignant with the brothers because of their own selfishness and holding values that were inconsistent with Jesus and His kingdom. 


So here’s a good exercise. When I’m indignant with someone, ask why. What’s behind that emotion? 

Is it selfishness? Have they taken or sought something that I want or think I deserve? “Hey, that’s mine. I wanted that!” 

Or is it values that are inconsistent with Jesus? I’m not getting the respect or honor or recognition I think I deserve. “Do you know who I am?” 

I once heard someone say that anger is almost always due to feeling like our rights have been trampled. “You had no right to treat me that way.” The same person said that when we surrender to Jesus, we become His servants and give up all our rights…including the right to be angry. 

There’s some truth in that. (It can also be taken to an extreme.)

With whom am I feeling indignant, deeply grieved and angry? Why? What do I need to surrender to Jesus?

Prayer: As always Lord, search my heart and tell me what You find. Help me to release my indignation and be willing to love and serve as Jesus taught.