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Joe’s Blog

Follow Pastor Joe’s reflections from his daily Bible reading! We hope it’s encouraging in your faith and personal time of praying, reading the Bible, and journaling.

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400 men

Monday, January 17 400 men Scripture: Genesis 33-34, Psalm 8, Luke 17 Genesis 33:1 Now Jacob looked up and saw Esau coming toward him with four hundred men. So he divided the children among Leah, Rachel, and the two slave women. Observation When Jacob heard that his brother Esau was coming to meet him with 400 armed men, he assumed the worst.  Who wouldn’t?  Twenty years earlier Jacob had fled his offended, angry brother who wanted to murder him.  When Jacob saw Esau’s army coming, he divided his party [...]

January 17th, 2022|

Founding Pastor Joe Wittwer

Joe came to Life Center in 1978 as the lead pastor and primary speaker. He and Laina married in 1975 and have five children with a growing number of grandchildren. Pastor Joe’s role as Founding Pastor has him busy in many ways from coaching and developing our staff and NWLC students, to engaging in ministries within Life Center, in the community, and even around the world.


January 16th, 2022|

Sunday, January 16 Revolting! Scripture: Genesis 31-32, Luke 16 Luke 16:14–15  The Pharisees, who were lovers of money, were listening to all these things and scoffing at him. 15 And he told them, “You are [...]


January 14th, 2022|

Friday, January 14 Hate Scripture: Genesis 27-28, Luke 14 Luke 14:26 If anyone comes to me and does not hate his own father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters—yes, and even his own [...]

Championship effort!

January 13th, 2022|

Thursday, January 13 Championship effort Scripture: Genesis 25-26, Psalm 6, Luke 13 Luke 13:23–24 23 “Lord,” someone asked him, “are only a few people going to be saved?”  He said to them, 24 “Make every [...]

Great is Your faithfulness!

January 10th, 2022|

Monday, January 10 Great is Your faithfulness! Scripture: Genesis 19-20, Luke 10 Observation The story of Abraham and Abimelech in Genesis 20 is a mind-bender.   First, Abraham has tried this ploy before in Egypt—saying [...]

Isn’t this good enough?

January 9th, 2022|

Sunday, January 9 Isn’t this good enough? Scripture: Genesis 17-18, Psalm 5, Luke 9 Genesis 17:17–18 Abraham fell facedown. Then he laughed and said to himself, “Can a child be born to a hundred-year-old man? [...]

Hear and do

January 8th, 2022|

Saturday, January 8 Hear and do Scripture: Genesis 15-16, Luke 8 Luke 8:21 But he replied to them, “My mother and my brothers are those who hear and do the word of God.” Observation When [...]

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