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Enjoy the broiled fish

Friday, January 24 Enjoy the broiled fish Scripture: Exodus 9-11, Luke 24 Luke 24:39–43 Look at my hands. Look at my feet. You can see that it’s really me. Touch me and make sure that [...]

January 24th, 2020|

Be real!

Wednesday, January 22 Be real! Scripture: Exodus 3-5, Luke 22 Exodus 5:22–23 Moses returned to the Lord and said, “Why, Lord, why have you brought trouble on this people? Is this why you sent me? [...]

January 22nd, 2020|

This will be your opportunity!

Tuesday, January 21 This will be your opportunity! Scripture: Exodus 1-2, Psalm 88, Luke 22 Luke 21:12–13  But before all this occurs, there will be a time of great persecution. You will be dragged into [...]

January 21st, 2020|

Am I God?

Monday, January 20 Am I God? Scripture: Genesis 49-50, Psalm 8, Luke 20 Genesis 50:19–20 But Joseph replied, “Don’t be afraid of me. Am I God, that I can punish you? 20 You intended to [...]

January 20th, 2020|

Move toward the unlikely

Sunday, January 19 Move toward the unlikely  Scripture: Genesis 47-48, Psalm 10, Luke 19 Luke 19:5–7 When Jesus came by, he looked up at Zacchaeus and called him by name. “Zacchaeus!” he said. “Quick, come [...]

January 19th, 2020|

Wait for it!

Saturday, January 18 Wait for it Scripture: Genesis 44-46, Luke 18 Genesis 45:5–8 But don’t be upset, and don’t be angry with yourselves for selling me to this place. It was God who sent me [...]

January 18th, 2020|
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