Mission Groups
Christianity is a team sport. We’re better together!


Mission groups consist of 5-12 people who help each other live out the mission of Jesus to help people find and follow Jesus. Mission groups help each other follow Jesus and help those not in their group yet to find and follow Jesus!

Mission Groups are designed for Rooted graduates who are committed to gathering together regularly for Biblical, Jesus focused discussion and outward focused missional living. If you haven’t participated in a Rooted session yet, please click the button below for more info and to get registered for our next session!



Our  Mission Groups meet all over Spokane, and are focused on continuing our mission to help people find and follow Jesus. Mission Groups gather regularly to read the Bible and discuss topics focused on personal, relational, and spiritual growth. Groups also go into the community to serve those who need it, and to find people they love, tell them what they know about Jesus, and bring them to their group or to church.

Groups run for 3 10-week seasons of the year: fall, winter, spring, and break for the summer. Our goal is that everyone at Life Center is a part of a group for a 10-week session at least once per year. Each session kicks off with a Launch Night.

If you have completed Rooted, we want to help you join a group! Use the button below to complete the Mission Groups Registration form. We’ll take your answers into consideration and help find you the best placement.



With Mission Groups there’s a lot of next steps, maybe you’ve just finished up Rooted and are ready to continue on as a Mission Group, or maybe you haven’t found an existing group that quite fits. Starting a group that you host could be your next step. Don’t feel like you can’t, feel like you’re called. God qualifies the called! Click the “Start a Group” button below to start the conversation. 

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