Mission Groups
Christianity is a team sport. We’re better together!


Mission Groups meet all over Spokane, and are focused on continuing our mission to help people find and follow Jesus. Mission Groups gather regularly, in groups of 5-12 people, to read the Bible and discuss topics focused on personal, relational, and spiritual growth. Mission Groups also go into the community to serve those who need it, and to find people they love, tell them what they know about Jesus, and bring them to their group or to church.

Sessions run for 3 10-week seasons of the year: fall, winter, spring, and break for the summer. Our goal is that everyone at Life Center is a part of a group for a 10-week session at least once per year. Check out the “Events” Page under “Connect” for an upcoming Launch Nights event.

If you have completed Rooted, we want to help you join a Mission Group. If you haven’t done Rooted yet, we highly encourage you to do that first.

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Discovery Bible Study (DBS) is a method of disciple-making used around the world to help Jesus followerrs deepen their faith through obedience and help those who aren’t following Jesus fall in loe with him! DBS is not about teaching others the Bible, but instead engage each person in a discussion guided by Scripture about who God is and how we can obey Jesus. The format is built on connection, discovery, obedience, and multiplication. This method is easy to learn, teach, and replicate as we carry out the commission to make disciples and disciple makers! 

Discovery Bible Study is broken up into 3 distinct parts: Connect, Discover, Obey. Here is what groups should cover in each of those parts.


  1. How did it go taking our next step of obedience from last week?
  2. What are you thankful for?
  3. What are you struggling with and how can we help?
  4. Pray conversationally, thanking Jesus for all the good things and asking for his help.


  1. Have one person read the assigned Scripture once through.
  2. Have someone else read it in a different translation.
  3. Ask one member to retell the story in their own words, or you can retell it as a group.
  4. Do you have questions, doubts, breakthroughs from this Scripture?
  5. What does this passage tell us about God?
  6. What does this passsage tell us about man?


  1. What next step of obedience will you take from this passage?
  2. Which two people will you share your next step of obedience with?
  3. Pray and you’re done!


We’re better together.

Celebrate being together and how you’ve seen God working in this strange pandemic time. Eat together, tell stories. Re-connect!

Who am I created to be? 

Study 1-  Genesis 1:26-31 & Genesis 2:15-25

Study 2-  Matthew 5:13-16 & Ephesians 2:10

Who am I actually? 

Study 3-  Genesis 3: 1-19 & Genesis 4:1-16 & Ephesians 2:1-9

Who am I called to be in response to what God has done for me?

Study 4- Luke 5:1-11

Study 5- Serve week!!

Study 6- John 3:22-36

Study 7- Matthew 18:21-35

Study 8- Luke 18:9-14

How do I become who I am called to be?

Study 9- John 7:53-8:11 & 12:20-26

Study 10- Matthew 18:1-6 & Luke 9:57-62

Christianity is a team sport.

Celebrate! Get together and celebrate what God has done over the past 10 weeks in and through your group! Eat together, pray, and give thanks for all you see God doing!

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