Danny Beard

Volunteer at UGM since 1984 and Director of Strategic Partnerships and NBC camps for 40 years, retired in 2017 as Senior VP.

Married 43 years to Deborah with 3 grown children and 1 grand daughter.

Life Center Member for 17 years. Danny serves on the security team and council, and was previously a greeter

In the last year and a half or two years, one of the ministry decisions I’m most proud of is choosing to invest in Bibles in the Auditorium. Putting a Bible in everybody’s hand so they can be encouraged to open and read the Word with confidence; with the hope that it will inspire our people to go home and read more often. To start doing PBJ (prayer, Bible, journaling). Church leaders and Council spent much time researching, planning…really looking into how important it is to maneuver and locate verses when you need them most, all throughout our lives! It’s joyful to look over and see everyone opening their Bibles all down the row during service.

In looking at our church as a whole, one of the things I love is that not only is it a giving church, but when we have something extra we want to support above and beyond what we do regularly, so many of our members give to that appeal generously! As a council we do it too; we helped a local church that got into trouble with some major repair work to be done, so we gave them a large sum of money to cover the repairs and help jumpstart the big dream that they were moving towards in ministry. I’m proud to be a part of making such kingdom decisions.

I’ve been on the church Council for 2 years now, and in doing so it has helped me to see how much we are truly striving for excellence in all we do. Trying to bring honor and glory to God in all that we do at Life Center.

Life Center Council

We work hard to use the resources wisely to help people find and follow Jesus.

Our Church Council is comprised of volunteer business owners and community leaders who meet regularly to review our financial reports and to oversee and help make wise financial decisions for our church.

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