We all have them.
They come. They go.

We all have them.
They come. They go.

When debts build up, We work to reconcile them.
When relationships break, We work to reconcile them.

What would happen If there was a debt we couldn’t pay?
What would happen If there was a relationship we couldn’t fix?
What if these two things were connected?
What if our selfishness and arrogance had broken a relationship?
What if our actions in turning away had built up a debt?
What if this relationship was with God?
What if the penalty for this debt was death?

How can we fix that? How can we pay that debt? Can anyone save us? Because…
We. Can’t. Fix. This.
We. Can’t. Pay. Our. Debt. But…

One man could.
One man came.
Lived a life we couldn’t live
Died a death we deserved to die
Paid the debt that we could not.

Through His life lived for us
Through His death Because of us
On the Cross and by His blood.
Three days in the tomb. Only to rise again.

Conquering Death
Healing the Brokenness
Restoring the Relationship
Paying the Debt

It. Is. Finished.
Paid. In. Full.

There is only one capable whose name is above all others.
The One who calls us back to God.


Poem written by Scott Nicks & Eric Bradley
Music Written by Sam Nichols
Animation by Zak Johnson
Lighting by Ceila Delrosaria & Evan O’Malley