In case you missed service last weekend, or are interested in partnering, Joe mentioned 3 God-sized assignments:

  1. We’ve teamed up with some other churches in our community to start a movement of multiplying disciples, leaders and churches. We plan on starting 400 new churches in our region and in the Pacific Northwest in the next 10 years! Can we do it? Don’t think so. Can we do with Him? You bet—so let’s do this!
  2. We are working to bring the races together. We believe that racial reconciliation is a gospel issue: Jesus died to bring us together first with God and then with each other. Our region has had a reputation of racial intolerance—we want to change that and make our region famous for racial harmony, justice and peace. In One Blood: Parting Words to the Church on Race and Love, John Perkins repeatedly emphasizes that we will never achieve racial reconciliation on our own. God has to work and we work with Him. Can we do it on our own? Don’t think so. Can we do it with Him? You bet—so let’s do this!
  3. We’re trying to bring water and sanitation to 42 schools in Kenya that serve 15,000 students. Imagine 15,000 students without clean water or bathrooms. It’s going to cost way more than we have—about $350,000! That’s roughly $8500 per school or $25 per student. We can’t do it, but He can, so we’re bringing what we have to Him and trusting Him to multiply it!

God is up to some cool things through our church, and it’s fun to be part of this together! If you’d like to engage in one of these initiatives (in any way), we’d love to hear from you — email

Thanks for being on mission with us to help people find and follow Jesus!