Upcoming Series: Love Won Another

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There is so much hostility in our world; we’ve lost the art of civility, of being gracious.

Jesus calls us to live differently. We are recipients of grace and dispensers of grace.

We’ll talk about how God has treated us this way, and how we should live that out with each other and in the world as we love people toward Jesus.


Sept 29-30 Love
Oct 6-7 Be kind and compassionate
Oct 13-14 Accept
Oct 20-21 Serve
Oct 27-28 Live in harmony
Nov 3-4 Forgive
Nov 10-11 Honor
Nov 17-18 Instruct
Nov 24-25 Submit
Dec 1-2 Encourage
Dec 8-9 Offer hospitality

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  1. Anna Carlson September 6, 2018 at 8:13 am

    This sounds exciting! God truly gives us MORE through this church! Looking forward to this “Love Won Another” series! I see the Holy Spirit working!

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