Over 1100 people responded to our Bible Reading Survey this month – we appreciate you taking the time and being real with us! Curious what we’re up to? Jesus wants a relationship with you and reading and reflecting on the Bible is a great way to get to know him! We’ll use these results to help us make the Bible accessible, familiar, and useful in your real life!

For those interested, here are the results and a few observations.

1. How often do you read the Bible?

58% of you are reading 2+ days per week – that’s awesome!
Of the 0-1/week group, 51% are too busy, 27% don’t know where to read, 16% don’t understand the Bible

2. Do you use a Bible reading plan?

80% of daily readers use a plan
73% of 4-6/week use a plan
60% of 2-3/week use a plan

3. What keeps you from reading the Bible?

For the 19%

“Other” comment word summary: lazy, low priority, distractions, forget, low relevance
Top sentiment: I want to do better!

4. Do you use a journal to record your learning?

Of the 2+/week readers:
37% use their own journal
45% don’t journal

5. What keeps you from journaling?

“Other” comment word summary: lazy, low priority, how/what to journal, bad writer, time consuming, privacy concerns
Notable sentiment: I hadn’t thought about journaling, I should start!

You made it to the bottom! As a reward, here are some comments you might enjoy ;)

I gotta go to church more lol
Pastor Joe is amazing show us your sox
I love pasture joe!
Better be a good service Joe
Shout out to Dillon he’s the homie.

Thanks again for participating. We’re working on resources to help you connect with Jesus, more info coming soon!