Tuesday, September 3rd, Pastors Joe and Michael talked through the second stage of transitioning the lead pastor role, answered questions from the audience, and talked a little about vision. Here is the video and the handout from the evening – enjoy!

Lead Pastor Transition Report

Life Center Lead Pastor Transition Report
In January of this year, we announced a two year plan to transition the lead pastor role from Joe to Michael. We explained the thought and prayer and planning that went into that decision. And we also summarized the two-year plan as follows:

  • First 8 months: I do, you watch.
  • Second 8 months: we do together.
  • Third 8 months: You do, I coach.

We have completed the first 8 months, and wanted to report on our progress and our our plans for the next 8 month segment. Most of you probably noticed very little change in the first 8 months. The change will increase and become more noticeable in this next 8 months.

In the last 8 months: Michael identified, hired and trained his replacement as the Next Steps Team Leader. Krista Lack officially took over Michael’s role this week! While leading his team and doing his job, Michael also trailed Joe. They met weekly for two hours of coaching and mentoring. Michael was already part of the Life Center Leadership Team (made up of team leaders and lead pastor and executive pastors); he also joined the Executive Team (made up of lead pastor and executive pastors). And Michael began speaking more often in weekend services. We are pleased with the progress we’ve made, and believe the small changes thus far have been well received by the staff and church.

In the next 8 months: we will co-lead. This means that we will plan and execute meetings together, such as our staff meeting, leadership and executive meetings, council meeting and others. Michael will continue to speak more often. We will continue to meet on a weekly basis for coaching and mentoring, and to plan together. We will be sharing an office and as much as possible, match our schedules so that we can do most things together. By the end of this 8 months, we pray that the staff and church will be as comfortable with Michael’s voice and leadership as they are with Joe’s.

Regarding Joe’s role after the transition: that is still in prayerful formulation. Joe has a long list of things he loves to do. And he will be gladly following Michael’s leadership and doing what he’s asked! Between those two, Joe will continue to be deeply involved at Life Center for years to come.

Questions? Talk with us personally, or email at info@lifecenter.net