I’ve been married to Kim 22 years (this coming August), I have 4 daughters spanning all levels of schooling (Elementary, Middle, High and College).

I’m the owner of Jan-Pro Northwest, a company that provides commercial cleaning services through a franchise model which provides clients with an owner/operator cleaning team.

I’m passionate about the ministries of Meals on Wheels, UGM, and The Oxford House (transitional living). We’ve been owners at LC for 11 years.

Everything about the Council is exciting to me, the vision and leadership Joe provides along with the heart of each person on Council. Recently, the conversations around Church planting across several denominations further reiterates that it’s not about the church building (denomination), but about the Church (the body of Christ) working together to share the “good news”. I’m humbled to think that I get to be a small part of what Life Center is doing in this regard!