Take a next step!


Gather each week to worship, learn, and love others.

  • Attend eight Sunday services in eight weeks no matter what comes up.
  • Arrive 10 minutes early, find someone you do not recognize and introduce yourself. “My name is
    ___, how long have you been coming to Life Center?”
  • Arrive early to a Sunday service and sit in silence to center yourself and prepare to worship.
  • Introduce yourself to someone waiting for their beverage at the coffee bar.
  • Meet one new person each week and commit to pray daily for them the following week.


Grow a daily relationship with Jesus through PBJ (prayer, Bible reading, and journaling)

  • Beat your previous consecutive day PBJ streak; if it was one day, make it two!
  • Increase your PBJ time by 5 minutes; continue a 5 minute increase each week.
  • Download the YouVersion Bible app and post your PBJ reflection in a neighborhood group.
  • Text someone your scripture insights for the day and ask what theirs is.
  • Have your PBJ at the same time and place for 14 consecutive days.


Connect in a group for spiritual growth and encouragement.

  • Pray for someone in your Group every day.
  • Text someone in your Group a prayer each day.
  • Attend Group eight weeks in a row.
  • Talk to your Group Leader about leading a new Group.


Give your life away in service and generosity.

  • Write down an act of kindness you did each day for 14 days.
  • Set up recurring generosity at Life Center.
  • Serve two times per month at Life Center.
  • Increase your financial giving for three months. Ask God for an amount to increase it by.
  • Register to serve at Serve Day (registration opens the week of April 28).