Today we woke up early and we planned to go to the beach, but it happened to be raining again today so our beach day was moved to Thursday… hopefully it doesn’t rain.
Instead of going to the beach we went to Lautoka. We went shopping, grabbed some coffee, and then went to Sunny’s once again for some pizza 🍕. It’s so good!
When we were shopping David, Eric, and Paul all decided to get sulu skirts to wear. Sulu’s are clothing that men wear in Fiji at times. Other people bought souvenirs.
One of the team members lost their prescription medication while in Fiji, and while waiting in the pharmacy to get it refilled, someone stole something and it caused a scene! But everything was ok!
Yesterday during the rain storm some people’s house from church got flooded so pray for them!
After shopping and everything we went back to the apartments and all hung out before the women’s bible study. Some people took naps, some played games.
At the Bible study all the girls on our team shared their testimonies and Danielle got up and shared a little bit of hers and prayed us out. We welcomed the women of Fiji to come up for prayer if they wanted too, many of them did, and it was amazing to see how God used the stories to touch the hearts of the people their. We prayed for healing and any hard things going on in their lives.
They are so kind and welcoming to us while we are here in Fiji, and it’s so amazing to see how much they want to serve, and honor us just because that is what their culture does!