God was faithful to us      in 2020

Jesus came for such a time as this! He came to bring light to darkness, hope to despair, salvation to brokenness. Here are just a few of the ways Jesus shined through Life Center in 2020.


There is a whole new way for us to MEET as a church! Online services are here to stay and are serving and reaching people for Jesus not just in Spokane, but 47 states and every continent except Antarctica!

Our Kids and Students team rocked ministry through everything, adjusting weekly and steadily connecting young people to Jesus.

in 2020 & beyond we will
Meet together for church and small groups


We participated in a fresh effort to SEEK Jesus through a church wide Bible Planthousands of you participated through our Bible Plan Journals and YouVersion groups. It was so successful we’re doing it again this year (details at lifecenter.net/bibleplan)

in 2020 & beyond we will
Seek Jesus through prayer, Bible reading, and journaling


Over 500 people had the chance to SERVE six feet apart with masks on. Despite Covid, we pushed forward with Love Week, supporting 34 organizations across our city. Thank you for giving your time to love our neighbors in Jesus name! Plenty more are serving in our church on the weekends too! Thank you!

in 2020 & beyond we will
Serve others in our church and community


We remained a generous church and were able to GIVE our largest donation ever to 2nd Harvest to support food security in our community – $288,000! What a huge reflection of big faith that trusts in God for provision. Besides this (or including this) we gave away 20% of our income locally and internationally!

in 2020 & beyond we will
Give to God’s work in our church and to the poor


While we can’t track how many of you SHARE the good news of Jesus with your friends and family, we know hundreds of new people are connecting with him online and in person, 150 people received new life in Jesus, and 42 people were baptized last year, marking a significant step in a new life.

in 2020 & beyond we will
Share our faith with friends and family

Amy’s message “Where is God when” was delivered in God’s perfect timing. My step daughter was perusing Facebook when Life Center’s online service popped up on her feed. She’s not a church goer but it spoke to her in an amazing way.

– Gary and Linette

Our son Isaiah as been coming to Life Center with us the last 5 years. You and your team do such a great job. And the impact of having “cool” leaders reiterating the messages we try to teach at home makes an eternal impact! : )

– Christal

In many ways this difficult year has drawn us into a deeper relationship in Christ with those around us and with our savior. We count you as a blessing in that journey and boldly look to 2021. Knowing God is in control.

– The Brewsters

A HUGE thank you from a family unable to attend in person services. She says the online services are saving them right now, and is just SO appreciative of it. They felt like “they were there” for the passing of the baton this past weekend. GREAT JOB, ALL!

During the early phase of quarantine when I was suddenly a homeschool mom and working full-time, my kids watched Life Center Story Time every morning and it was such a beautiful way to start our day focused on Jesus. We are so grateful!

– Sarah

Taking on the

year 2020

God doesn’t need normal to equip his church for ministry.

And we’re grateful for that!


Something born out of necessity is now reaching far beyond our church walls. God’s just awesome like that!


50+ volunteers and staff called 1200+ people in our church, starting with elderly, widows, and singles to connect and help.

In person

Mid-2020 we were able to open church for adults, students, and shortly after, kids service in a way we hope honored God and state guidelines.

Kids &

388 kids and families participated in our Transform Summer Trek adventure box.

Over 400 middle and high school students participated in Mission Groups.

In the


Our collective generosity provided for hundreds of people in need!

A team of ladies made 200 masks for local medical facilities

Delivered weekly meal kits to 150 student’s homes from Holmes and Sheridan Elementary

Partnered with 2nd Harvest and the National Guard to distribute food to 500 families every other Thursday from our church parking lot

Provided 100 portable sleeping bunks for a temporary homeless shelter set up in our local arena

A new team of volunteers met dozens of other COVID related needs from yard clean up to meal trains

It’s an honor to be part of a community that so willingly has stepped up to love their neighbors



We stayed committed to Northwest Leadership College, raising enrollment to 18 students who are investing in our ministry areas and growing into passionate Jesus followers.

We launched 2 college houses with 12 students—these are practically discipleship Instant Pots and we’re excited about what’s cooking!


Our church has remained faithful and generous this year. Because of that generosity, under the oversight and partnership with our missions council of Life Center volunteers, altogether in 2020, we gave away 20% of our income!

A Child’s Hope, Abuse Recovery Ministry and Services, Local Benevolence, Bible Project, Big Table, Blessings Under the Bridge, Christ Kitchen, Campus Crusade, Embrace Washington, Family Promise, Hero’s Homestead, History makers church, regional youth ministries, Proclaim Aviation, Project ID, Second Harvest, Spokane Eastside Reunion Association, The Jonah Project, Union Gospel Mission, World Relief, Wycliffe, Youth for Christ, Young Life, New Thing, Radical Mentoring, Youth With a Mission

Medical Ambassadors, Greater Europe Mission, Spring of Hope, Sunrise, Mission Heartbeat, Children of Destiny, World Vision, Intl. Foursquare Missions, EFCA, Compassion INT, Young Life Int., Wycliffe, CITAM, Hope INTL, VCDO/MAI, Hero Min/MAI, Mission of Hope INTL, and half a dozen Missionaries around the world (42 local and international organizations, 11 missionary couples and 2 single missionaries.)



We work hard to use resources wisely to help people find and follow Jesus. Here are a few notables of last year’s stewardship:

Prior to Covid in our ongoing efforts to manage our resources well, we sold our old church property and refinanced our mortgage.

Once lockdowns and shutdowns rolled in, we immediately evaluated and decreased our operating budget and have walked a balance of being prudent and generous.

Our church Council (knowledgeable business owners and community leaders) continued to meet regularly to review our financial reports and make wise decisions for our church.

As a church we’ve been remarkably committed to placing Jesus first in our finances and our staff are grateful to serve such a generous church!

Four reasons the best      is yet to come

Confidence in      the Lord

He’s led us faithfully these past 43 years, and is going with us into our future!

Confidence in      our leader

We’re welcoming Michael as a humble, capable, and growing follower of Jesus.

Confidence in      our team

Our staff and volunteers are talented, hard-working, and Jesus-first.

Confidence in      you

You believe in our mission. You’re doing Find-Tell-Bring. You’re doing PBJ. You’re praying and serving and giving. You’re living for Jesus!

We’re excited about what’s next—will you join us?

Jesus is going to do more and greater in 2021!