Getting Started with Planning Center Groups

I’m so excited you’re leading a group at Life Center.  With planning center groups you have easy access to manage your group online.With groups you can manage members, create events, send RSVP’s, have members subscribe to your calendar, share resources, take attendance, and view reports. We’ve outlined some key features below. Keep scrolling to learn more, or use the button below to get started.


1. Log In

The first time you go to log in to Groups, you might need to create a password. On the login page, select the ‘Need a password?’ link below the email and password fields. Enter your email address and a verification code will be sent to that email address. After entering the code, you will be able to create a password and then login.

2. Manage Members

The first page you see when you select your group is list of all your members. Here are some quick actions you can take on this page:

  • Emailing members,
  • Removing them from your group
  • Printing a list of members

You will also have the option to add new members from this page.

In some ministries, groups are listed publicly. If someone requests to join your group, you will receive an email notification. You can either respond via the link in that email or respond from Groups. All requests will be displayed on top of your list of members.

3. Events

The Events tab shows you a calendar of upcoming events for your group, along with some quick actions you can take on each event.

From the event list, you can quickly report attendance or cancel past events. You can also request RSVP’s from your members for upcoming events and quickly view the responses.

Once you select an event, you will see more details about that event, along with the option to edit the event.

4. Resources

The Resources tab allows you to view resources that have been uploaded and shared with your group. As the leader, you will also have the option to upload resources for your members.

When your members view the group, they will have access to the list of resources you have uploaded and they can download the resources on their end.

5. Reports

There are currently two different types of reports:

1. The Overview report – this will give you a bird’s eye view of how your group is doing as a whole.

2. The Attendance report – this will give you a closer look at the individuals in your group.

As you take attendance during your events, this report will begin to populate.
When attendance is enabled, leaders will receive an email 10 minutes before group begins.
Additionally you can record member attendance and visitor attendance.

Here is a quick over view for recording a visitors attendance:

  1. Check the box next to any visitors that attended the event.
  2. Promote the visitor to a member.
  3. Remove the visitor from the attendance report.
  4. Search for a new visitor.