Sermon Questions

  1. Have you ever had struggles communicating with someone? Sometimes it’s truly hard to listen to people. What are some things that can make it difficult? What are some of your not so great listening habits that you could work on?
  2. What does the gospel have to do with listening to others? Explain.
  3. What’s the opposite of good listening? Have you ever asked yourself how Jesus would interact in a certain conversation you’ve had, or need to have? Do you think if you looked through your conversations with that lens, it would change the way you listen and communicate? How?
  4. If we can say something about God by the way we listen, how do we become better listeners? Please share your thoughts.



This week, read Philippians 2:1-8 every day. Try to practice showing Jesus’ love by listening intentionally to someone each day. Then, talk with someone afterwards and share about how your practice went.