Sermon Questions

  1. How do you think God sees you? Do you think you’re attractive to God? Is He proud of you?
  2. Do you ever feel like God is looking at you disappointed or upset or facepalming? When was the last time you felt this way? How does God make you radiant, spotless and blameless?
  3. Is the power of the spirit visible in your marriage or relationships? What does that look like?
  4. What is your marriage (or relationships with others) telling the world about God? What do you hope others see when they look at your relationship? Who is someone you look up to in the relationship department?



You are God’s ambassadors. This week, really take that role to heart. If you’re married, recall your wedding vows and live those out on a daily basis. Be focused and intentional in all your relationships and really think about what message your actions may be sending to those around you in your daily life.