Sermon Questions

  1. How good are you at being “salty”? Where are you in contact with those who have yet to see the goodness of Jesus?
  2. Do you feel Jesus’ presence actively in your life? If so, does this make you want to share His presence with others? What are some ways we can be intentional about doing just that?
  3. Did you come to know Jesus because someone around you was salty? Are you able to do the same for others, or is it something you’re still working on? Share an example of a time someone’s salt or light affected you.
  4. You are strategically placed to shine the light of Jesus. Is this a new concept for you, or have you already seen proof of this in your life? When’s a time in your life when you knew you were exactly where God wanted you in that moment?



Salt is salt no matter what, but it’s only helpful when it’s in use. Focus on intentionally shining your light to those around you this week. Wherever you are, be who God has made you. Be salt.