Surviving Christmas (Christmas Eve Service)

December 24th, 2018|

The visit of the magi, outwitting Herod, his murderous response, and the Holy Family’s narrow escape. It’s a story of spiritual pursuit, political intrigue, deceit, murder, and running for your life! God is the Hero! (and he went to a lot of trouble to save you).

God is Generous

December 16th, 2018|

God is scandalously generous! You can never out-give God.

Preparing for Christmas

December 15th, 2018|

God wants something for you. He wants you to have an active, confident, life giving daily relationship with him.

Offer Hospitality

December 9th, 2018|

One of the many ways we show people we love them is by practicing hospitality.

Be A Hero Maker—Encourage One Another

December 2nd, 2018|

Did you know that God is an encourager? Did you know that He comes alongside us to help, encourage, comfort and cheer? And then He calls us to do for others what He’s done for us.

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