So, I am not nearly the author that my wife and David are, so this won’t be nearly as exciting! Just thought I would warn you!

We woke up this morning, got ready, had breakfast and read our bibles. David Bickley picked us up around 9:30am and we all headed down to a local meeting hall where the pastors conference is being held. When we arrived, Eric and I jumped right into setting up the sound system and band equipment. The rest of the team helped get the room ready for the attendees who would be arriving for lunch.

After a few hours of setup and a quick sound check, we were served another wonderful meal. The people hosting us are so incredibly hospitable and have fed us so well (probably too well actually!)

Many of the pastors arrived for lunch and we were able to sit and eat and meet a lot of them. The conference started around 2pm with a worship set by our team. I actually sat out this set and gave the drummer from the local church the opportunity to play. It was fun to sit back and watch our team lead a group of pastors like this! What an amazing thing we get to do. We can go halfway around the world and be in a room full of brothers and sisters who worship with a ton of energy and passion! After worship David preached on The Call to Discipleship and he crushed it like usual! David then preached a second message after a short break! He was only supposed to do one today however one of the other speakers was sick today so he jumped right in and delivered another killer message, this time on The Call to Evangelism.

The pastors conference concluded for the day around 5pm, and our team hung out on the patio of the venue while it absolutely downpoured (check out shelbi’s Instagram story for video). They of course fed us another amazing meal for dinner of traditional Indian food. Don’t expect any of us to come home any lighter than we left!

Tonight we had a worship workshop where our team lead some songs (they let me drum this time 😉) and then Eric gave a talk on what worship is and why we do it. We then finished the evening session with a handful of songs and it again was fun to see our friends from Fiji worshiping with so much passion!

I am now sitting in a chair typing this while the rest of the team cleans up and prepares the room for tomorrow. I think I will sit here and act like I am typing for a little while longer until they are mostly done….