sa vinaka na kalou! (praise the Lord!)
It was another GREAT day in Fiji!

We started out by packing up all of our things at Cashmere (the apartments we have been staying in) and got ready to leave. Our first stop was at the grocery store to get items to pack in boxes and hand out to families affected by the floods. We got things like rice, flour, oil, soap, etc. After that we stopped at macka’s (McDonalds) for breakfast on the go. No one ordered a filet o’ fish mcmuffin… I don’t know why. Eric says its the worst thing you could ever put in your mouth.

We headed to Qerelevu, which was about 40 minutes away. Qerelevu is in the interior. This is similar to what they would call “the bush” in Africa. David Bickley was sharing with us that there are a lot of unreached people groups in that area and we got to see the first ever Christian church that they are planting there. We met up with Nita who is the pastor in that area and she took us to a couple houses of church members. We gave them boxes and spent time praying with them.

After Qerelevu we headed to Tavua. Tavua was the more affected by the flood than any area we’ve seen. Several roads and bridges have been washed away. Many church members can’t even be reached because the roads are still covered and rivers have formed in their paths. We dropped our stuff off at Pastor Mousmi’s house (where we will be staying for the next couple of days). Just yesterday her house was ankle deep in flood water and now she is graciously hosting our team. She is such a servant! She went with us as we braved the flooded roads to take people more boxes. We literally drove through a river that was waist deep! Those of you who know Bickley know how much he loved this. Mousmi, on the other hand, was terrified! “Pastor David, I don’t think this is a good idea!!” But we blazed on! We ended up walking through muddy puddles to get to some houses, but it was all worth it to be able to pray with these families and bless them with the boxes of groceries. Oh, I forgot to mention that when we got to Mousmi’s house she had some delicious pizza prepared for us!! YUM! The boys also spent some time digging ditches to guide the floodwaters away from the house so that they will drain into the river.

*Side note*
In my attempt to be responsible and store my computer in a safe place while we were out during the day, I completely forgot about it when we were packing. David got a call in the middle of the day from the owner of the apartments asking if it belonged to us! Thank goodness!!! David said it was a miracle that I even got it back!!!

Have you ever played Frogger? We pretty much played real life frogger on our drive home. Because of the floods all of the frogs are on the roads that are dry and we were literally squashing frogs on the whole drive.

We ended the day with yet another delicious meal and fellowship with our friends here. The boys are hammocking outside for the night and us girls are sleeping inside Mousmi’s house. Hopefully they don’t get eaten alive by mosquitoes! We were supposed to have a church service tonight, but the aftermath of the floods made it so people were unable to come. Hopefully we will be able to do it tomorrow!

Please keep the people in this area in your prayers as they continue to deal with the aftermath of the floods.