Today, after about 24 hours of travel, we made it to Lyon! We flew from Spokane to Seattle, Seattle to Amsterdam, Amsterdam to Lyon. Three of our team members (Garrett, Janeé and Tim) were already here. We were picked up by a driver and taken to the church to meet up with them. We dropped our luggage off at the church and began our tour of Old Lyon. What better way to start it out than with some authentic French crepes?! We were in heaven! Jenn took us on a tour that was rich in history! We walked a lot! We stopped by an arena where 48 Christians were martyred in 177 A.D. It was incredible. Just to be in the same place where our brothers and sisters in Christ were murdered for their faith so many years ago. Very sobering. It was helpful having a walking tour right away because we are all very jet lagged so that woke us up a bit.

After our tour we gathered at the church. Every weeknight anyone who wants to from the church can come at 6pm to pray. They share where they saw God that week or that day. It was so cool to do that with some of the church members!

After prayer we gathered (still at the church) for pizza! We are all staying in homes of different people who go to the church. Everyone lives within 1km of the church which makes for very rich community. The church is about 30 people, all around age 30 and below. So all of our hosts joined us for pizza dinner before we headed off to their home


It was a lovely first day and we are excited for what the next days hold while we are in Lyon!