Blogs are hard for us to write currently because we are working 14 hour days! We made it to the retreat camp that we are serving at! We arrived Monday and we are here until Friday! We are cooking, cleaning, doing dishes, etc! Lots of hard work, but we are making it fun! Some of our team is also leading worship in the mornings. We are serving Greater European Mission missionaries so they can have a week to rest and rejuvenate with one another.

Our kitchen leader is Bridget and she is incredible! A real professional chef! She is from Florida but has lived in Paris for a long time. Her and her husband run a bed and breakfast that is open to the public but it is a ministry as well. They let pastors and missionaries stay there half price!

We are all enjoying learning from her and getting creative in the kitchen!

Yesterday we got to escape for a few and go catch some views… we are staying in the french alps after all! It’s incredible!!

Wish I could write more but I have to be in the kitchen in one minute!

Thanks for praying for us!