We have arrived in Grenoble!

We arrived 2 days ago and went straight to Doc and Carol Krebs’ house. Doc and Carol are ministry partners with life center and they have a prayer ministry here. Olivia Swindler is also partnered with us and she is here with Young Life. We had dinner at the Krebs’. A delicious tarte flette (think lots of potatoes and cheese) made my Olivia. We played games and laughed and then all went our separate ways to our housing arrangements. 

Yesterday we started out with a historic prayer walk through Grenoble. We prayed for the government leaders, for the walls to be torn down in the hearts of the people in the city. We prayed for the youth of Grenoble. It was awesome!

We had lunch at a creperie that was delicious! Then we had free time. We went to some shops, some people rested, some explored the city.

We ended with dinner at a restaurant debriefing the day and enjoying the company of our partners here in Grenoble.