Alicia writes:
“Shout joyfully to the Lord, all the earth;
break forth and sing for joy and sing praises.”
Psalm 98:4

Our Sunday was filled with joy and praise and celebration!

We started out at Ogande Girls’ High School to join the 1,200 students for their Sunday service. WOW can those girls PRAISE THE LORD! I felt like I was at the Collide Conference in Kenya (they have probably 1% of the equipment we have to put on a service, but they are just as loud, and are even more joyful). Bri shared her story with the girls, and then Pastor Joe brought the thunder!

From OGHS, we went to Grace Pentecostal Church for another service. This Sunday was their “Cultural Sunday”, so we got to be a part of lots of different kinds of worship from different surrounding community groups. We also had the extreme pleasure of singing an American worship song for the congregation (can you sense my sarcasm via email??)–while their songs were upbeat, loud, and accompanied with awesome dances, our song (Our God by Chris Tomlin) was…well, you know the song. It paled in comparison, that’s for sure! But in our defense, our group is no church choir and no dance team! After worship, Linda shared her story and Rob shared a sermon about freedom in Christ.
Then, the best part of every day–LUNCH!!! (Calm down I’m KIDDING!…kind of.) Grace is sort of the face of SOHI here in Kenya, and she has been with us everyday on this trip. Today she hosted all of us plus the church elders at her home for lunch–Kenyan hospitality is unrivaled y’all. From lunch we stopped by the Soapstone Shop in Kisii for some souvenir shopping! Soapstone is a really cool form of African carving–you should look it up! If you’ve ever shopped at World Market, you’ve probably seen some carvings from this little shop!


My takeaway from today was one word: CELEBRATION. At Grace Church, the worship leader encouraged us to stand and celebrate with her. How often do we see worship on Sunday as a celebration? When we go to church, are we truly celebrating the life of Jesus, celebrating what He has done for us, is doing for us, and will do for us in the future? Are we celebrating  the unbelievable amount of good in our lives? Are we celebrating the fact that even in the bad, God is still with us, and God is still good? This is my prayer for all of us today, that we would live lives of celebration because oh my word, how much we have to celebrate in Jesus.

So Jesus, today we celebrate You. We celebrate all that You are, all that You’ve done, and all that You have planned. We celebrate the good You have blessed us with, and we celebrate the bad things we are dealing with as well, because we know that in the bad, You are still there and You are still good and You are testing and growing us. We love You, Amen!