Wow, what wonderful updates we have been receiving from Alicia and team!
We felt like we were there with them! God used this team in such beautiful ways, like He always does. We’re so very proud of this team and all that they embraced. We’re excited to see everyone once they get home and hear more about their individual journeys. Their lives are no doubt changed forever.

Well, the team has concluded their journey in Homa Bay and have made it to Safari! They made the VERY long and BUMPY trek to Masai Mara Safari, where they will be enjoying the amazing and beautiful lands of the Serengeti and all the wildlife it provides. We won’t be getting any more updates from the team as they make their final journey back to the US.

It’s been a pleasure updating you all, I hope you’ve enjoyed the updates as much as we have.
~Gabe & Lindsay Burdett

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