Alicia writes:
“When He utters His voice, there is a tumult of waters in the Heavens,
And He causes the clouds to ascend from the end of the earth;
He makes lightning for the rain,
And He brings out the wind from the storehouses.”
Jeremiah 10:13



Not much to report again today! We had the second day of the Leadership Seminar, and in addition to those who spoke yesterday, Jeanna and Linda spoke about women in leadership, Chris spoke about water treatment, and Bri spoke about having hope in Christ.

During one of the sessions, one of the local leaders stood up to thank us for being here and sharing our messages, and he said he’s grateful for us because he is “expanding [his] mind in the ways of the Lord”. I think that was really encouraging for all of us to hear–it can be easy to sit in the heat of the day with the sun beating down on our faces, and feel like the Kenyans aren’t learning anything from us. It’s also hard to come to Kenya and speak to them as Americans about bettering their leadership in Kenya. But yesterday, Harry said it really well: “We are here to humbly share with you what we have learned, but we know that you need Kenyan people with Kenyan solutions to Kenyan problems”. So to hear that they are grateful for us being here and sharing the Word of God was exactly what we needed.

The best part of today was during the last session. Just before beginning her talk, Bri literally prayed out loud, “God, bring the thunder!” Not 1 minute later, it was thundering. And all throughout her talk the thunder got louder and more powerful, and by the end of her session, she was screaming her prayer over the wind. Then it started pouring down rain and we all ran for our lives to the bus–we made some memories today!

So I hope that encourages you…it’s easy to discredit ourselves, to think that we don’t have anything important or beneficial to say. But we are all blessed with different gifts from God, and we all have different purposes for His Kingdom. And it’s our responsibility (ALL of us) to use those gifts and trust that God will do work through them, and that He will quite literally bring the thunder ;)

So Jesus, remind us what our gifts are, how you have blessed us. Show us how you want us to use our gifts, and then make us bold to pray with our feet and just DO STUFF even when we don’t feel prepared or qualified. We are qualified in You, and that’s all that matters. We love you, Amen.