Alicia writes:
“Do we not all have one Father?
Did not God create us all?
Malachi 2:10

Then Peter began to speak: 
“I now realize how true it is that God does not show favoritism
 but accepts from every nation the one who fears him and does what is right.”
Acts 10:34-35

I’ve mentioned this in earlier updates, and I’ll say it again: I am simply in awe of how much we have in common with the people here in Kenya. I keep having these thoughts repeated in my mind throughout our days here: “wow, we all laugh in the same language”, “little kids definitely cry in the same language”, “praise Jesus we all hug in the same language”. I am being constantly reminded that just because we look different, talk differently, and live in different countries, we are all simply children of God, doing the best we can in life.

Today that reminder came in the form of a t-shirt. 6 people today–SIX!!–at the Leadership Seminar were wearing the 2018 Bloomsday shirt. How fun to travel 8,775 miles from home (at least it’s that many miles from MY home, ha!) and see not just 1 Spokane shirt, but 6! SOHI brought a bunch of shirts on a trip earlier this year so it wasn’t totally out of the blue, but still! Each one I saw felt like a little whisper from God saying, “see? These people aren’t so different from you. They laugh, they cry, they dance, they pray, AND they even wear Bloomsday t-shirts!” It was so cool!!

So today we were at the Leadership Seminar once again! The best part about the day was towards the end when we got to hand out Bibles to every single person in attendance. The Bibles were translated into Luo (their native dialect), and they were SO blessed to receive them! The thanks we received from each person would bring tears to your eyes–we so take for granted the ability to walk into a bookstore and buy a Bible in a language we understand on any given day. I won’t soon forget watching grown men and women leaning over chairs, arms outstretched to reach for a Bible, and then immediately writing their name in it and flipping through the pages.

My prayer for us is that we would be as amazed by the Word of God as they are, and that we would crave it as much as they do. During a session, the moment a speaker mentions a verse of Scripture, you can hear Bibles all over the place being opened and searched, and you can see every single person writing down the verse for future reference. I want that to be true of us. The Bible says that God’s Word is living and active, sharper than any 2-edged sword. All Scripture is God-breathed, so let’s breathe it in every chance we get.

So Jesus, thank You for today. Thank You for reminders that we are all the same in Your eyes, that You are the Father of us all, and that You created every single one of us. Thank You for Your Word and that we have free access to it in America. I pray You would fill us with a desire for it that cannot be quenched! I pray that people who received a Bible today would be blessed by it, and that they would turn to it daily, learn from it, and etch it on their hearts. We love you, and it’s in Your mighty Name we pray, Amen!