Well, we have arrived in the USA!!!

We woke up yesterday morning after sleeping in a bit. We lounged around the house, swam in the pool, and a few of us went into town for a few last minute items. We had lunch at the house with the Bickley’s in the early afternoon. Around 6:45, we headed to the airport where we were met by Pastor John, his wife Ruth, Ronnie and Rebecca and their kids. We had a few hours before our flight so we sat with them and had one last dinner before heading to the gate to get on the plane.

We still have a full day of travel left with an expected arrival into Spokane at 12:30am tonight. With our 6 hour layover we have in LA we plan to get through customs then head to in and out across the street for a nice American hamburger!

I am not sure why I was picked to write the last blog but I’ll try to cap off our amazing trip. My big takeaway from this whole thing is that the Church in Fiji is in great hands. Pastor John and his wife Ruth are amazing humble leaders who care so deeply for people. John is constantly getting calls to go visit and pray for people in the cities he serves, and is always willing to go no matter what time it is or what his plans are. David and Danielle have a passion to serve the church in Fiji and have made such an impact in the year they have been there. They have formed so many great relationships and have the trust of the Fijian people they serve. They are both raising up amazing young leaders in the church. God is blessing their efforts and it feels that Fiji is on the verge of revival. It will be fun to continue to partner with them to see what happens in the coming months.

So, this is me, saying for our team one last time…

Moce & Prabhuki Jai!